Aluma-Hyde II projects from customers

This is our beta 'customer workshop' to share the knowledge within the 2A community. Our intention is to post projects of our customers and steps they performed (intentionally these are not from paid professionals). If you feel like you want to share your project feel free to send pix and steps performed at [email protected] (or if you have questions for us or others). All instructions provided by the project enthusiast 'as is'. If we get a good feedback from 2A community, we may expand or add more information.

Project 01: Cristian B, Oxford, GA

Paint used: Aluma-Hyde II Desert Tan, Coyote, Matte Clear

Pattern: Camouflage painting template reusable grass pattern stencils green camo DYI for scrapbooking (found online)

Cristian's Instructions: It need 24 hrs to cure (under a heater ) and after that 10 days to wait until you putt the scope on... one coat of desert paint , one with the coyote camo pattern and 2 coats of clear.

Final Results: