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When purchasing Tannerite or any other brand from eGoods365.com store, you can be sure that (a) you are purchasing from US based company with the most responsive and friendly customer service; (b) an authentic, not a counterfeit and not a refurbished product.

The Tannerite Starter Target Kit, 1/2 Pound, 6 Pack STR is an exciting and fun way to improve your shooting skills. This kit includes six 1/2 pound targets, premeasured catalyst packets, a mixing container, and instructions. It is perfect for individuals who want to try out the product without committing to a larger quantity.

Please note, some counties in the State of California may require an explosive or destructive device permit for use of binary rifle targets. However, this kit is a Tannerite  brand target which was specifically designed to be safe and non-flammable, whether it's sitting on a shelf, being mixed, or used. When shot, it produces a water vapor and a thunderous boom resembling an explosion.

Tannerite brand targets have become the shot indicator targets of choice for hunters, law enforcement, and U.S. armed services. With its unique performance and safety measures, the Tannerite Starter Target Kit offers an enjoyable shooting experience for all skill levels.

Compared to its competitors, the Tannerite Starter Target Kit is unmatched in terms of safety and quality. Its non-flammable and non-toxic nature ensures that it can be stored and used without any harm or danger. Additionally, its reliable performance and affordability make it the ideal choice for shooting enthusiasts.

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